How to avoid getting the flu in Ireland

Pipes under your eyes and a plastic bag over your nose can help prevent the flu, according to a new report.

The report by the National Institute for Health Research (NICE) is the latest of several studies that look at how to prevent and treat the flu.

It is based on the theory that if we treat people correctly, the number of infections that develop will be low.

“We have a long history of people using puddles or bags over their eyes, ears, noses and mouths to protect themselves and their family members from the virus,” said Dr Michelle Coghlan, a researcher at the NICE.

We think the evidence that there are fewer infections in people who are protected by these measures is a very strong one.

The researchers say this is because the puddling of water and a bag of sand in the nostrils are two different things.

If you have a puddle of water in your mouth, the virus can pass through it and get into your lungs.

But if you have sand in your nostrils, the infection can get out.

So when you have an infection that’s passed through your nose, it doesn’t get into the lungs.

It’s also important to keep your mouth closed.

“It’s a bit like putting a straw in your nose,” she said.

“The virus can’t get through.”

The report also looks at the effectiveness of the water-to-blood ratio in preventing the spread of the virus.

This is because it is the ratio of water to blood that causes the virus to stay in your blood.

However, this ratio is also an important factor in the risk of infection.

This means that people who get infected are more likely to get sick if they are drinking the water that has the virus in it, or if they drink the water with the virus present.

It’s important to get vaccinated, too, Dr Coghlin said.

She said there was no evidence that vaccination reduced the risk or helped protect against the flu because of the different risks.

Dr Coghlen said she did not have any advice for people who were not vaccinated against the virus because they didn’t know their chances of contracting the virus were high or that they might not be vaccinated if they did.

“We think this is an important research paper because it does not just look at the flu virus.

It also looks into the risk factors for the flu,” she told The Irish News.

Irish news: The Irish Republic – The day’s top stories – Saturday, February 10, 2019

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