Why is my internet connection so slow?

It’s a common misconception that broadband speeds are getting faster, or that the speed of your internet connection has increased.

But it’s actually worse than that.

A new study by telecoms consultant Ipsys suggests that in the UK, your internet speed has actually decreased over the last few years.

In fact, Ipsys found that internet speeds dropped by an average of 0.5Mbps in 2015, compared to 0.6Mbps in 2012.

In the study, Ipsy asked a representative sample of UK broadband users what they thought was the best internet speed to download and upload content at the time.

The survey asked participants to indicate what they would do if their internet connection were to drop below the required threshold.

In 2015, the average internet speed for people with a 4Mbps connection was 3.6Mb/s, while the average speed for those with a 5Mbps connection fell to 3.4Mb.

However, that trend has reversed in 2016, with an average speed of 3.8Mbps in 2016 for those who have a 5 Mbps connection, while it fell to 4.2Mbps in 2017.

That’s because Ipsys has found that broadband internet speeds have dropped by 2Mbps in the past two years, meaning that your broadband connection will only get slower over time.

However the average of those speeds in 2016 dropped from 5.5Mb to 3Mb in 2017, which is the same as the average that was measured in 2012 when internet speeds were up by 7.6 Mbps.

The study also found that the average number of uploads per month dropped from 1.8 to 1.4.

The decline in internet speeds has had a positive impact on the jobs market, Ipses said.

It is estimated that employment in the internet sector is up by about 50,000 jobs since 2012, and that over the past year, internet speeds across the UK increased by about 7%, Ipsys said.

However there’s another factor that’s also causing the decrease in internet speed, and it’s called “net neutrality”.

Net neutrality is the principle that internet providers shouldn’t be able to favour certain content over others.

This means that if you are a business that wants to charge for a certain type of content, you can use a “paid prioritisation” scheme.

This means that you get a faster connection and more traffic to your site than if you charge for different types of content.

This has been a common trend in the US, where ISPs such as Comcast and Verizon have been actively pushing for a “neutral” internet.

But as the US has become more politically active, ISPs such a Comcast and Charter have been forced to backtrack on this policy.

The result is that ISPs such and Verizon are now actively pushing a “fast lanes” policy, which means that they allow certain types of traffic to flow over their networks at faster speeds than others.

In fact, while ISPs such Comcast and Google have been pushing for net neutrality to be scrapped, Ipsies said it’s not that simple.

The issue is that while net neutrality is in effect, ISPs are actively working to undermine it.

In some cases, they are blocking traffic, throttling speeds, and using “zero rating” to prevent certain types and services from being included in their internet plans.

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