Betsey Johnson and bags for weekend bag

Sunday is the weekend, and for Betsey Johnston, a week off is a good thing. 

As the first of two races to be staged on the same day, the British champion will take on one of the best in the world in the second round of the World Superbike championship. 

And the 33-year-old is keen to make her mark on the new generation of racers.

“It’s definitely a special day, and I’m looking forward to it,” she said. 

“It will be really special to race with two of the top riders in the World and it will be a good day for everyone. 

It will definitely be a great day and a good chance to race. 

You have to try to go for the win on the first day, but if you don’t you’re going to lose. 

I’m sure everyone will be happy, because it will give everyone an opportunity to show they are up to the level they are. 

The bike is a bit new to me, and the bikes are different to the ones I raced on before. 

But the first thing you need to do is put the bike together. 

If you go into a race, it is not going to go the way you want it to go, so you need a good feeling and good confidence. 

A big part of that is knowing what you need, but it’s also about being calm. 

Once you’re comfortable with your bike and with the bike, it’s really easy to do. 

With that said, it will probably be a lot of fun and a lot more exciting than the last race because it is a new bike, and that’s the way it should be.”

Johnson will be looking to repeat her performance from last year, when she finished fifth in the standings. 

She was quick in her debut season with the team, and she is confident of her ability to keep up with the best.

“I know that I can do better and I think that I am going to,” she told BBC Sport. 

There are two World Superbikes this season, and Johnston has been riding them for a number of years. 

Although she has only raced one race with a bike that is brand new to her, she said she has learned from previous experiences.

“There’s no secret.

It’s been a few years,” she explained. 

After a few seasons of being at the back of the pack, Johnston has started to build a strong team with the help of new recruit Paul Di Resta, and it is this group of riders that will try to get her on track.

“We have a lot to learn from each other, and this year we are going to be more experienced and we have a bit of a better relationship with the guys from our previous bike, so it will allow us to take a bit more control,” she added. 

Johnson will also be racing for a new team this year, after a number failed attempts to get a World Supercycle contract. 

For Johnston, it has been an honour to have her first taste of World Superpole since joining the team. 

Her first World Superrace appearance came at the start of last year’s season, when the team finished seventh. 

Now, with a full season under her belt, Johnston is eager to return to the World Championships for the first time in her career. 

When asked what it was like to finally return to World Supersport, she answered: “It’s really exciting. 

Being able to race in the first World Super is something I’ve been waiting for a long time, and to be able to go up there and see the support that we have from the fans is incredible. 

This is definitely a step forward in my career, and hopefully I can carry on the tradition I have started in the sport. 

We’ve got a lot going for us this year.” 

This year’s World Superpoles will be contested in Qatar and Suzuka, with the winner taking home the title. 

World Supersports are the oldest motorcycle racing series in the United Kingdom, and they are known for their quality of racing. 

They started out in 1983 as the World Motorcycle Racing Association, and are now run by the International Motorcycle Union. 

Last year’s champion, Jochen Ruttiger, will be hoping to repeat his 2016 success.

“My last World Supresports was in 2011, and since then we’ve had a lot improvement,” he said.

“This year we will try and do our best, and we will definitely have a great year.”

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