Why you should never wash your feet at the beach

I think you should wash your hands before swimming.

I know this is a weird thing to say, but washing your feet is a way to keep your feet from getting contaminated by germs.

And it’s also a way for people to reduce the risk of getting beach bumps or other conditions that cause infection.

Here’s why.

When you swim, you rub your feet together, so the bacteria that are living in the skin are exposed to the water and can get in your shoes.

And because your feet are exposed, the bacteria are more likely to get on your shoes and cause infection when you step on the beach.

But washing your hands can also prevent germs from getting in your feet.

If you have dry feet, your feet could also get infected.

So why not wash your fingers before swimming?

The answer is simple: it’s easier to get rid of germs on your hands.

The way it works is that bacteria on your fingers get into the skin, where they can grow.

They then get washed with soap and water and are wiped off with your fingers.

It’s a way of washing your fingers to reduce germs, so if you have a dry foot, it can be harder to get out the germs you don’t want to get.

So washing your fingertips before swimming could be the safest way to do it.

Why not wash other body parts?

Some people have a natural tendency to get into body parts.

So they might put their hands in their mouth, or rub their neck, or do other body-part washing that involves rubbing.

It all depends on your own health.

For example, if you’re allergic to anything, like latex, you might want to avoid using soap or water to wipe off body parts, especially if you also have a rash, which is another reason you should avoid swimming in the first place.

So if you wash your body parts with soap, you’ll reduce the amount of gerals you get.

But you’ll also need to wash your shoes, as you can get the gerals out of them.

So you’re probably going to need to use a washcloth.

And you’ll need to keep the soap and your fingers out of the water, too.

So just don’t wash your nails and your feet before swimming, because these can get contaminated.

And if you don´t want to wash, just wash your mouth with water.

But if you do have dry skin, you could be more comfortable using a dry towel instead of using soap.

And for more tips on avoiding swimming, check out our tips on how to protect yourself from germs and how to make sure you have clean hands when you’re out at the water.

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