The Irish people want an adult-sized bag

The Irish are ready to embrace a full-sized adult beanbag, with the country’s leading newspaper saying the government will give the go-ahead on a proposal to put a six-inch adult-size bag on the shelves in supermarkets.

A spokesperson for Minister for Agriculture Alan Kelly said in a statement that the Government was in the “final stages of the consultation process on the adult- sized bag”.

“We are confident that the adult bag will be a significant boost to Irish families’ shopping experience, with children enjoying the freedom to take their own meals and families sharing their favourite snacks,” he said.

“We will work with the Irish Retail Association and other stakeholders to ensure that all the appropriate measures are in place to support the rollout of the adult size bag, including through the appropriate consultation process.”

Ireland’s leading newspapers, including The Irish Sunday Times, have indicated that they are fully supportive of the proposal.

“Ms Kelly said the bag would be available at retailers and in supermarkets, and it would be used to store all the family essentials, including a toddler’s lunchbox, a lunchtime snack, a drink and a small bag.”

As we have said previously, our aim is to create a world-class shopping experience for families, so we are confident this is an achievable and practical solution,” she said.

A spokesman for Irish retail giant Sainsbury’s said it would support the proposal.”

Sainsbury will be working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to ensure this is a viable and practical proposal for the country.””

The bag is designed to be easy to use, durable and comfortable to carry.”

Sainsbury will be working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to ensure this is a viable and practical proposal for the country.

“The proposal would see a new bag on every single Sainsburys shelves, with a price tag of €7.99, the same as a standard adult size.

The bag, which will be available in a variety of sizes and colours, is currently available at Sainsbrough’s Sainsland store and on the company’s online store.

The Government has yet to make any firm announcement on the proposed adult-bag rollout.

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