‘I’m going to be very honest’: Coach bags sale sparks online craze for designer bags

A ‘Coach Bag Sale’ has sparked an online craigeance for designer and luxury bags, as people use online forums to share their experiences and photos.

The sale, called ‘Coach Bags Sale’, was announced on Instagram last week and will run until Sunday at midnight.

Many of the photos on the sale have been taken from Instagram.

More than 30 people shared their stories on the forum and several posted a picture of a Coach bag.

One of the featured photos shows a bag from Coach, with a red, white and blue lining.

Other photos feature Coach bags and bags made by other brands including Calvin Klein, Nike and Nike+Huda.

“I’m not sure what they’re trying to do with it, but they look really nice,” one woman told the forum.

Another woman, who goes by the name “Tash,” told the site: “I am so excited to be part of this!”

A third woman posted a photo of her new bag: “The Coach bag is just the best!”

Another, who posted on the same forum, added: “So excited for my new Coach Bag.

What a difference a season makes.

#CoachBags Sale #TeamCoach.”

A number of other women shared their Coach bag experiences, including one who said: “Coach bags, the best bag for me, is the one that you see on the streets.”

“I love the fact that you can buy it online and it’s just so much cheaper,” another woman said.

While some have praised the sale for boosting sales, others have accused the brands of taking advantage of a poor weather-affected season.

Some of the brands responded on social media to the backlash: Coach, the fashion and designer bags, were not affected.

But many others, including Coach’s chief executive, Marc Miller, said that the bags were not part of the sale.

“I don’t believe in a Coach Bag Sale,” Miller said on Instagram.

“I know that we were able to create this product with all of the best people and have it on the market at the right time, but we never put our brands at risk.” 

“If the weather was better, we’d be in this position,” he added.

“It’s an incredibly tough time to be in and we’d want to do everything we can to keep people happy, and we’re very aware of the fact we’re competing against brands we love.”

A spokesman for the company told BBC News that it was “in the midst of a strategic change” and that it would not be “relying on any of the product that was on sale” and would instead focus on its “business” with “top brands”.

“This is a very challenging time for Coach, and as such we are moving forward in a way that reflects our core values and principles,” he said.

“As such, Coach has decided not to participate in the Coach Bag Sales.

This decision is consistent with Coach’s business strategy and will not impact our ability to sell the Coach brand in the future.””

Coach will continue to sell Coach bags at its existing price points, but will not be participating in this particular sale.”

Coach did not immediately respond to BBC News’ request for comment.

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