What’s the deal with the Gucci shoulder bags?

I’m sure the first thing that came to my mind was that they’re designed for the hipster.

They’re not designed for anybody who’s been through the motions of being an athlete, and they’re definitely not designed to be used in a crisis.

But the Guccis aren’t the only shoulder bag out there, so I went ahead and ordered two to try.

Here’s what they look like, and what I mean by that: They look exactly like a typical shoulder bag, but there’s a lot of padding on them.

The main difference is that they don’t have pockets like the rest of the bags, and instead have a flap that folds inwards to form a shoulder bag-like shape.

It’s not a shoulder pad, but it’s a nice, compact design that works really well for someone like me who’s a huge fan of the brand.

They also have a padded front pocket, which is nice for holding a cell phone or other things, and a top-down pocket, as well as a smaller, more open, pocket that is used for storing items like my iPod.

The bottom pocket is an opening for my phone.

There’s a built-in mic in the back, but not much to it, since there’s no button on the side to close it.

The side of the shoulder bag has a zipper that I think is nice to use, but I’m not a huge advocate of zippers.

It just feels kind of flimsy, and I’m usually more of a zipper guy.

But it works well for me.

It has a few buttons, so you can press it to open up a little more, and then it has two side buttons that are designed to close the top flap when you open the bottom flap, so it’s very easy to grab a key, or even a wallet, or whatever you might need to do.

The zipper is also removable, so when you’re finished zipping up the bag, it doesn’t have to be zipped up again for you to wear it again.

I love the shoulder straps that cover the front of the bag.

I don’t usually like straps on shoulder bags, because they’re usually designed to take away from the quality of the design.

However, the Guills have straps that are pretty comfortable, and the straps on the top of the Guillies look really good.

The front pocket is also nice for a small wallet or other small items.

On the other hand, the pockets on the sides of the shoulders are pretty small, and it’s kind of hard to squeeze them in if you’re trying to hold something.

I like the front pocket better, but the sides are kind of annoying to hold in, so the sides on the Guilmans don’t really make me feel that comfortable.

I did end up getting the one that has a mesh lining, which helps with ventilation.

The only thing I don�t like is that it has a bit of a “baggy” feel to it.

I would have liked to have had a bag that was a little bit more roomy.

I know there’s been a lot written about how it might not be a great fit for a shoulderbag, but this is my first Gucci, so this is a pretty new product for me, so there�s definitely going to be a lot going on with me while I’m wearing it.

It also has a lot more padding than a normal shoulder bag.

The padded front and back pockets are pretty roomy, and have a lot less padding than you might expect.

There is a zippered pocket on the right side, and that has two pockets, one on each side, so they’re both zippable.

The top flap on the shoulder is also a little higher than the front flap, and is a little wider than the other side of it.

That means that you can actually take the top off the bag without having to undo the top button, which I think helps with my comfort.

The zippers on the shoulders also fold outwards, so if you want to use the front or back pockets for something, they’re open for that, too.

But I would definitely say that the bag is definitely more comfortable than other shoulder bags I’ve tried.

The pocket in the front is a good size for my cell phone, and there are a couple of buttons on the back.

You can also use the top and bottom pocket to store a credit card or something.

And the side pockets have a zipper to close them, which also helps with pocketing.

The bag also has some Velcro on the front, so for carrying your gear, it is also pretty secure.

The pockets on top are just the normal Gucci style, so that’s good.

If you don’t want to be carrying around your entire wallet, there’s also a zipper pocket at the top that you could just put a phone in.

There are some other things to note about

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