When it comes to the latest presidential debate: Clinton’s response to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is worth it

When Hillary Clinton finally had a chance to speak, she wasn’t happy.

The Democratic nominee was interrupted multiple times by the Bernie Sanders’ supporters as she spoke at the University of Colorado.

They repeatedly yelled at her to “sit down,” and one man even yelled out that “the Clintons are the Clintons.”

Clinton said she had planned to talk about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its impact on the health care system, but it became clear to her that she was just going to have to respond to Bernie and Donald, who were also interrupted by protesters.

The New York Times reported that Clinton told her audience that she would address the issue of climate change later in the debate.

But the next morning, she went back to talking about her response to Sanders and Trump.

During the debate, Clinton’s first and only chance to be heard by the American people was during her opening statement.

But it was a poor performance.

Sanders repeatedly interrupted her, and when she finally had the chance to respond, she struggled to make any meaningful argument.

In fact, the most important question she could have answered was “so what?”

When she tried to make a positive case for the ACA, Sanders continued to interrupt her, repeatedly asking, “so how do we stop climate change?”

And while she did offer some solutions, like expanding access to pre-existing conditions, Sanders was not interested in the specifics.

When the debate ended, the Sanders campaign accused Clinton of “lack of focus” and called on her to answer questions about the health of the economy.

Clinton said she would not be answering any questions, and that she had already addressed her health earlier in the day.

Sanders, for his part, was not impressed.

“It was a terrible performance, and she did not answer questions,” he said.

“She did not even mention the Affordable Health Care Act.

I mean, that’s not a good performance for a candidate.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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